What is Funtime?

Funtime is a workshop, performing arts program, and a fun club.jamminjimglenwoodCreated in 2001 by Jammin Jim Pomey,
Funtime teaches Fun Games, Performing Arts, and a Healthy Diet.

Physical Activity and an Organic Snack are a great combo for creating healthy exercise habits and a healthy lifestyle.

This program has been a wonderful outlet for kids to be physically active, who were not very interested in sports.

Please contact me to schedule a workshop at your School, Community Center, or Church.

Click on School Info to see where Funtime is currently being offered.

Juggling Workshops and Funtime have been offered at; 
Pitkin County Senior Center, Aspen Elementary, Aspen Middle, Basalt Middle, Ross Montessori Carbondale, Waldorf Carbondale, Crystal River Elementary, Carbondale Middle, Roaring Fork High School, Sopris Elementary, Glenwood Springs Elementary,
& Redlands Middle School Grand Junction.


Funtime is an opportunity for participants to play fun games and try an array of Juggling Toys.

Juggling Activities are very Healthy.  Proven to enhance coordination, attention span, & neurological wiring.

Participants will learn to Juggle Balls, the Chinese Yo-Yo, Poi, Lunastix, & Unicycling.

Please go to the Juggling is Healthy Page and read the effects of what Juggling does for us.


Any Questions, Ideas, or Comments….

Send me an email:  jamminjimshow@yahoo.com




    I began Juggling in 1999, and instantly was inspiried to share this performing art with everyone. It is hard to describe in words, for what Juggling has done for me in my life.  Creating an After-School-Program and becoming a Professional Family Entertainer has been rewarding. Thank You to all the Teachers, Families, and Kids who have supported Funtime After-School-Program & my Entertainment Career.

Funtime originally started off as Juggletime in 2001.  I changed the name of the program to Funtime, to better describe our fun club. It took a lot of determination and many financial loss experiences, to try and make this program successful.

In addition to the health benefits of juggling activities, switching to an Organic Snack opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition.

Healthier Food instantly changed attitudes, behaviors, and athletic performance.

In my mind, I knew this mission would prevail.

“Making myself available as a life coach,
for kids who often go home & play video games After-School.”

Many parents are at work during the unsupervised time slot, when school gets out.
There are a lot of families that could benefit from this program, but can not afford it.

 I am starting a Pay It Forward, to bring Funtime to in need schools and families.

Be apart of changing and enhancing lives and Donate to Funtime.


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